Touch Matters Body Works offers service at 4 different locations as well as doing on site massages as desired.

Swedish Massage

  • 30 Minutes $45
  • 60 Minutes $80
  • 90 Minutes $125

Chair Massage

  • 15 Minutes $20
  • 30 Minutes $45
  • 90 Minutes $125

On Location Service

  • 60 Minutes $120
  • Events 3+ Hours $100/hr

Poetry Session

  • 30 Minutes $30
  • 60 Minutes $60

Membership Options

  • 6 Sessions $440

    Recurrant Scheduling

  • 1 Monthly Sessions for 12 months $880

    12 sessions In Total

  • 2 Monthly Sessions for 12 months $1,760

    24 sessions In Total

  • 4 Monthly Sessions for 12 months $3,600

    48 sessions In Total

What We Offer

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is adaptable to each person's needs. Swedish Massage is the most common massage style. This style includes soft, long, kneading strokes along with tapping strokes, on the muscles. Swedish massages focus on releasing muscle tension.

Poetry Session

Regardless of one's experience or lack of experience with poetry, I believe that it can be nurturing. Poetry is a form of therapy through another's words in which we can relate. Through conversation and connection, poetry will be accessed through reading or reciting from memory. It's my mission to find poetry that connects to energy and feeling of the moment for the person I am with. Conversation is the room and poetry is simply brought in to enhance the connection with oneself.

Out Call Massage

Now getting massage therapy is easier than ever. Schedule a massage or poetry appointment in your own space. Sometimes it's nice to be in your own space for a massage and we can make that happen. If you have handicaps or other limitations that make it easier for Touch Matters to come to you, we are happy to help.

Chair Massage

Chair massage focuses on releasing tension in your back, shoulder, neck, arms, and hands. Chair massage can involve lotion on arms and neck. This is usually a quicker massage while not sacrificing the positive effects. Chair massage is perfect for social or business events. Chair massage is a great introduction to massage therapy.

Your Experience Matters

Touch Matters is passionate about everyone having access and benefits of both massage and poetry. Understanding that everyone’s needs and preferences are different, Touch Matters is happy to give referrals to other massage therapists if your experience is not what you were hoping for. Believing in the powerful healing massage therapy has to offer, your experience is what matters most.